Lumberton is one of the places hit hardest by flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

The city went underwater Monday, leaving many people without shelter, food and electricity.

But Tuesday night - a glimmer of hope in a dire situation.

Power started coming back to the city.

"It's awesome," says Kim Brewington. "It is awesome. It's awesome because we've been working by candlelight trying to help anybody we can. So it's awesome. Now we can help more people."

Flood-ridden Lumberton has been in the dark since Hurricane Matthew hit last week - and a convenience store near city hall is the first building in the area to get power back.

That's where Brewington works - and she says even without power on, they weren't powerless.

They've been giving away snacks and drinks to those in need - like people at the shelter across the street.

"This is a blessing for us," she says. "We've been doing good, we've been helping. I didn't have to come to work but I did. To come help him and come help out everybody else."

It hasn't been easy for Brewington either.

Like many others in Lumberton, her house is flooded. But she's grateful she and her kids are safe and that she has her job.

"A lot of people are going to be out of work weeks, months, who knows."

City Manager Wayne Horne expects power to fully be restored to Lumberton by the end of the week.