OAK ISLAND, NC -- Hurricane Matthew's wake slammed ashore in North Carolina Friday morning, wiping out beaches, flooding main roads and turning coastal Oak Island into a ghost town...well, almost.

WFMY News 2's Meghann Mollerus was surveying flooded roads when she encountered a curious couple taking a walk to see the massive waves on the beach.

"The first year we were here, there was a category one (hurricane) that came right over the pier here. It kind of freaked us out at first, but the house survived, so we said probably not as bad as that," said Mark Carroll.

Mark Carroll and his wife Chris moved from Greensboro to Oak Island four years ago.

"It was supposed to be a retirement home, but we came a little earlier."

Their home is called "It's A Shore Thing." Even three rows back, it was pretty much a "sure" thing it would get hit by Matthew.

"We had to empty the water level (of the pool) twice already, because we don’t want it to overflow. The skimmer basket flew off, we’re losing the top of our fence. We spent a lot of money on the pool, so (we're) kind of worried about it," Chris Carroll said.

So, they wasted no time getting ready for Matthew.

"Tied the grills, tied the kayaks, tied the golf cart. We just kind of battened down the hatches. Rope, candles, tool kit, he’s got his drill out and drill bits and lantern light that’s rechargeable as well," Chris Carroll explained as she showed WFMY News 2 their supplies.

They're stocked to stay and will ride out Matthew with preparation, patience and prayer.

"Our hope is it doesn't get much worse than this. Keeping our fingers crossed everything goes well... (and that) this area, Wilmington, everywhere up the coast stays safe."