DANVILLE, Va. (WVEC) -- "If kids can see I'm making an impact or trying to change a city, they can see it and I can be a role model for them."

That's what YMCA Afterschool Coordinator Brandon Hairston said about an incident where he helped an elderly woman cross a street bustling with traffic.

Facebook user Amanda Logan snapped a photo of Hairston helping the woman cross the road through moving traffic and posted it to her page.

Hairston said that he pulled up to an intersection where a woman was standing in the middle of the road with cars driving past and swerving around her.

While drivers attempted to dodge the woman, Hairston got out of his vehicle to help her across the street.

"She seemed scared and timid," Hairston said of the incident.

The photo has since garnered more than 1,500 shares and nearly 3,000 reactions on Facebook.

River City TV caught up with Hairston and posted an interview with him on their Facebook page about how he felt following the act of kindness.

"I thought that would be a time to show that all young people are not violent or into negative things," Hairston said. "There are still some positive young kids out here that's trying to make a difference."

Hairston works with youth Monday through Friday after school at the YMCA.

He says his everyday interactions with people, young and old, inspired him to help the woman.