CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- To some, flying can be a very stressful experience.

For Danielle Kinney and her daughter, their recent traveling experience was a nightmare.

"She's crying and her face is red," Danielle said. "She had been sick the whole day. She was getting worse.

As the wheels touched down during the flight to her final destination, things started to irk Danielle.

It was midnight, with her five-year-old daughter feeling so ill she couldn't walk. Danielle said airport staff told her there were no extra wheelchairs available for her daughter.

"I remember it so clearly. I was huffing and puffing," Danielle said. "I'm like with the sad mom face, 'Can I please have a wheelchair?' And within seconds I was shot down immediately."

"I would say it was like a slap in the face," she added.

NBC Charlotte wanted to see where the airport stood on this incident. They sent us a statement saying in part that they are concerned, and don't expect that from any employee at the airport.

Danielle hopes other moms with children will never have to go though this.

"I feel so passionate about this because I don't want anyone else going through this," she said. "It was awful."