EDEN, N.C. -- Eden’s largest employer is moving forward in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.

In July, Morehead Memorial Hospital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Tuesday, a judge approved the sale of hospital assets, which is part of the next step.

Dana Weston, the hospital’s President and CEO, says they need this court approval so interested parties can submit proposals for the hospital. She adds, this does not mean they’ll start selling off equipment or parts of the hospital.

Weston says the hospital looking for a partner so it can keep operations going and says they don’t expect to see any changes with patients, procedures or staff.

Proposals are due later this month. At that point, Weston says they’ll have a clearer picture of how they’ll go forward with the process.

A hospital spokesperson told WFMY News 2 in July that filing is a financial move to restructure the hospital debt to ensure long-term stability. The hospital has roughly 700 employees (657 in-house and 88 with contracted partner companies).