RALEIGH, N.C. -- A Brunswick County nuclear plant worker is 10 million dollars richer after buying a winning scratch-off ticket.

Michael Hill of Leland said he almost missed out on the prize!

He stopped by the Maco Depot on Maco Road in Leland and bought an Extreme Millions scratch-off ticket. When he didn't win, he went back to the clerk who sold it to him.

"I joked with her, 'How come you didn't sell me a winning ticket?'" Hill said.

So he tried one more time, switching games to Ultimate Millions. He knew the game had one more $10 million prize to be won and decided to take his chances.

“I have a strategy when it comes to scratching,” Hill said. “I start with the corners. When I got to the dollar symbol I knew I won something. I saw the one and then the zero and it still didn’t hit me. But then I saw the ‘M’. My heart dropped down to my toes and I lost my breath.”

Hill immediately called his wife to share the good news. "I told her to pack her bags, because we just won $10 million!"

Hill claimed his lump sum prize of $6 million and after taxes, he took home $4,159,101.

He plans to use some of the money to pay off bills. He also plans to invest the money in his wife's instructional design business.