GREENSBORO, N.C. - September is National Infant Mortality Awareness Month.

Dozens of women pushed 46 empty strollers around downtown Greensboro on Thursday to bring awareness to infant mortality.

46 represented the number of babies that died back in 2015 across Guilford County.

Guilford County Coalition On Infant Mortality organized the annual walk.

"I think that everybody dreams of having a healthy baby," said Coordinator Charmaine Purdum. "They dream of watching their child take their first step, saying their first word, headed off to kindergarten, graduating from high school, and these are babies who never had that chance."

Organizers say families who never had the opportunity to celebrate their babies first birthday deserve to be honored.

The walk started and ended at Center City Park.

Even though September is National Infant Mortality Month, organizers say, the issue should remain in the forefront all year long to help save babies lives.