HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - “There's nothing for any child to do past 11 o'clock,” said Adrian, a Huntersville mother to teenage boys.

Police in Huntersville couldn't agree with her more.

It is why they've decided to strictly enforce the city's youth protection ordinance regarding curfew, requiring teens 16 and under be inside by 11 pm, if not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The department says it is seeing an increase in complaints of criminal activity involving teens.

“It's just small little petty crimes here and there,” Lizzie Williams said.

Police said they are mostly receiving reports of vandalism following complaints of graffiti and damage to public property.

The department posted to Facebook warning parents if they knowingly allow their child to be out in public past 11, they may be cited.

“I don't know that the parents should be fined. Maybe we're a little bit too protective sometimes and they have to have some freedom at some point or another,” said one father.

The city of Charlotte enforces a similar curfew.

Kids 12 and under cannot be in a public place or business past 10 p-m.

And for those 13-15, the curfew is 11.

“I think that's a great idea, parents should want their kids at home,” Adrian explained.

There are a few exceptions to this curfew, for instance if a teenager has a job that gets out late, or traveling for educational or religious purposes.

If you want to read up on the ordinance and its exceptions click here.