GREENSBORO, NC -- A Greensboro travel agent is getting a first-hand look at what Hurricane Irma could bring to the Carolinas.

Stefani Hasty has been in the Dominican Republic since July 10 touring different resorts for her clients.

Hasty is from Charlotte but works for Imagine Travel, based out of Greensboro.

She can work remotely wherever Wi-Fi is available.

Right now, she is staying at a fishing lodge in Cap Cana, on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic where she’s feeling the effects of the storm.

Hasty has been sharing pictures and updates about the weather on her Facebook page.

“We are getting moderate rain and moderate winds,” said Hasty. “We avoided the majority of the eye of the hurricane.”

She says she feels safe, but she's also stuck, with no way out until after the storm passes.

“Up until today, there was a lot of anxiety building,” said Hasty. “It was just very difficult to try to find a way out of here once everybody started seeing the progression of the storm.”

She's shared pictures on social media of people boarding up windows on restaurants and shops nearby -- making the best of a bad situation.

“Everybody was really well stocked. There wasn't a lot of chaos,” said Hasty. “They had an overabundance of things that were essential items like toilet paper or non-perishable goods or water. All those things were available.”

While Hasty rides out the storm in Punta Cana, her co-workers are busy back in Greensboro.

Hurricane Irma is also ruining plans for travelers who were heading south.

Shane Lawrence with Imagine Travel says they have about 75 clients who have had to cancel or rearrange their travel plans to Florida or the Caribbean because of Irma.

“It has been absolutely crazy,” said Lawrence. “You have to get in the office in the first thing in the morning. You're getting text messages, phone calls, emails, anyway that a person can communicate with you.”

As for Hasty, she hopes she is able to fly back to the United States on September 12, but it could be a while before she's able to come back home to North Carolina.

“My flight is next Tuesday and that is weather permitting because it looks like the path of Irma is heading straight up to the Carolinas,” said Hasty.

Travel agents say if you have a trip coming up in the next three or four days, change plans now.

But if your trip is at least a couple weeks away, don't panic, just wait and see what happens.