GRAHAM, NC – A man is accused of raping a woman in Alamance County one year after he was released from prison for rape.

Mark Anthony Chamberlain is charged with first degree rape, after a woman accused him of kidnapping her at knife point and raping her. The victim told police she was abducted near Webb Avenue in Burlington, not too far from the Church Street intersection and the police department. She was then taken to Hanover Road in Graham and raped. Alamance Count Sheriff spokesman Randy Jones said the victim was then dropped off near the Caswell County line.

Mark Chamberlain Pic. Alamance County Sheriff's Office 

Police found the victim at 2:30AM on Monday morning. A short time later, police stopped Chamberlain’s car- which matched the description the victim gave them.

Chamberlain was convicted twice of second-degree rape; once in 1987 and once in 2003. He served 11 years of a 30 year sentence for the first rape along with a kidnapping charge. The second charge landed him in prison for 10 years. The 55-year-old is listed as a “recidivist” or repeat offender on his sex offender registry.

Several people were outraged at the fact that he was released from prison after being convicted twice of the same crime.

“Should have been in prison, “ Punki Guthrie wrote on Facebook under WFMY's orginal story.

Karen Porter wrote on the same post, “Should have never been let out.”

“There are a number of individuals that have been convicted of crimes that are repeat offenders," said Jones. “This type of m-o is not uncommon on a nationwide level.”

According to statistics, provided by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), 19% of convicted or suspected rapists have at least two prior felony conviction for rape or sexual assault. Twelve percent have at least one conviction. Another 12% have at least 5 or more.

Second-degree rape, which Chamberlain was charged with twice before, is defined in North Carolina as sex with someone by force or who is physically helpless. It carries a minimum on 5 years if the person does not have a prior record. But 1st-degree rape, which chamberlain is now charged with, carries a minimum 20 years with prior convictions. With his record, Chamberlain could face up to life in prison.

Bond has not been set for Chamberlain.