Whenever we experience inclement weather the number one phone call or email we get is about how to get a snow code. The number two most popular question is how can I check mine?

Also, please note the code is good for any closing, even if it's not weather related, such as school or business affected by a water main break or power outage.

Request For Snow Closing Code

Request a snow closing by sending an email to snowclosingsOn2@wfmy.com

In the email make sure to include the following information:

  • Organization's Name
  • Address of organization
  • County of organization
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Make sure to also include the number of employees and/or parishioners

How to Enter A Snow Closing

You can enter a snow closing code by two methods including online or by calling 336-574-3530.

Enter Snow Closing Online

A Note About Closings

Not all closings will appear on WFMY News 2's TV channel, but all will appear online.

All closings will appear on our website WFMYNews2.com please alert your employees, customers, or church members to check our website. You can also check closings on the WFMY News 2 App.

Enter Snow Closing By Phone

To enter a snow closing by phone call 336-574-3530

  • You must enter your ID then hit the # key
  • Next enter your password then hit the # key again
  • Listen to the voice prompts and follow instructions

WFMY News 2 Extreme Cold Weather Safety Guide

Need a Snow Code? Here's How to Get One

Keep checking the closing bar on wfmynews2.com for updates and get the WFMY News 2 App