GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Neighbors are joining together to protest proposed commercial development near Lake Brandt Road.

Developers are planning to build town homes, an office building, a coffee shop and a restaurant at the intersection of Trosper and Lake Brandt Road.

However, they need approval from city council to annex the land that is traditionally zoned for houses and other residences. The Planning and Zoning Commission made a recommendation to the council to allow for the annexation.

Neighbors are urging city council to deny the request.

"We feel there's a safety issue, a traffic issue and that it's just not a good investment for our neighborhood," said Dawn Waegerle, who lives just down the street from the proposed development. "It's the entrance (to the neighborhood) and it will make traffic crazy. It's also right across from an elementary school so there's a safety concern."

Neighbors have posted signs, started a petition, and even held protests in opposition to the proposal.

The developer's lawyer, Marc Isaacson, said they plan to add turn lanes to help with traffic flow in the area. They are also looking into adding a traffic signal in the area, he said.

"It will serve neighbors in the area. It will also serve people coming to and from that area," Isaacson explained. "This will not be a destination. It will be a neighborhood-type use."

The city council is expected to make an official vote on whether or not to allow the development to proceed at the council meeting on Tuesday, July 18.