GREENVILLE, N.C.-– There’s a new controversy brewing.over an app that gives online access to birth control, even to pre-teen girls.

Reporter Tamara Scott, with WNCT, talked to one mother Monique Green who said she was shocked to learn her teenage girls could receive birth control without a parent’s consent.

“She had the right to tell them and not tell me and so that really made me say ‘wow,'” said Green.

It’s called Nurx. It doesn’t cost anything to use. You just answer some medical question inside the app and provide payment by credit card.

Nurx employee Maryam Fikri told the station they are only trying to help young women.

“Despite the current political landscape, we are providing another option to make it easier and more affordable and more convenient to access contraception,” said Fikri.

Even someone as young as 12 can be considered for contraceptives. Green wanted to check it out herself to see just how easy it is for her daughter or any child to get birth control.

After the assessment, she said she has mixed feelings.

“If you want my momma point of view? N, I don’t agree with that crap!” Green said. “But professional points of view because I deal with youth, I realize there are a lot of situations that can come behind why do it.”

She said no matter what decision is made, the best advice she has for her children and others is to communicate with a trusted adult first.

Here are a few quotes regarding the recent update on the ACA’s contraceptive mandate, by NURX’s CEO, Hans Gangeskar:

“This new regulation has no other purpose than to limit American women’s ability to take control over their own healthcare and make the decisions that are best for their health.

Without a doubt it will force many women to pay more for birth control and render some unable to afford it at all. We at Nurx will continue to provide an accessible and affordable way to obtain contraception, despite the Trump Administration’s continued efforts to limit essential health services.”