GREENSBORO, N.C. - One last weekend, before the first day of school! For almost 500 students in Guilford County, Monday is also the first day in a brand-new school. Construction on Hunter Elementary wrapped up, just in time for the new school year.

New this year, Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Mayhand. She happened to go to Hunter back in the day, but this was an opportunity she didn't see coming.

“I just never saw myself teaching, but I think that in order for me to get to where God is sending me, I have to start somewhere, so to come back to Hunter, a place I’ve already been as a student is like, it's something I can't explain,” she said.

The Hunter Elementary School building she knew is long gone. But while the building may have changed - many of the faces stayed the same.

“I keep seeing people that were here when I was here,” she said, “It's kind of awesome.”

As she and her teaching assistants get everything in order, she's counting down the hours until her classroom is buzzing with activity.

“I love kindergartners, they help you stay young. They have so much energy,” she said.

And this year, her focus is staying on the kids.

“I think anyone that works in the education field has to be passionate about it and money can't be the only motivation. It has to be the education of the children,” Mayhand said.

The school was approved by bond money. It cost $16 million dollars to build, and took about a year and half to be completed. It has space for up to 650 students.