ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- When it snows in the Triad, businesses shut down, cars clear off the roads and kids get the day off of school.

But a nationwide problem doesn't take a break for the weather-- the opioid crisis.

In Guilford County, emergency crews responded to 5 overdoses on Wednesday. In Rockingham County, crews responded to 2 overdoses.

"They are addicted to a substance and they can't stop," said Justin Stewart, a training officer and paramedic with Rockingham County EMS. "It makes our job tougher, but we're here for them, we're here to help them."

He says helping overdose victims is an important part of the job that can't be neglected when other emergencies are happening.

"You're in boots all day, you're trudging through snow, those things just make it harder. But we realize we're helping people and that's the most important thing," Stewart said.

Rockingham County EMS responded to more than 300 calls in all on Wednesday. That's up from the average call number of 220.

EMS and 911 had extra staff on hand Wednesday to deal with the influx of calls.