We keep talking about how hot it's going to get later this week - temps in the mid-90's (with a heat index feeling like it's more than 100 degrees). You can't control the temperature, but you can make some choices to stay safe and cool.

Check under the hood of your car. You'll want to make sure your coolant is as full as it needs to be. It circulates and allows the engine to run properly. If it's not filled, it could cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

"If you see your temperature gauge start to rise, you want to make sure that you pull over the the side of the road as quickly as possible," says David Dew, general manager at Honest 1 Auto Care. "You can let it cool down and then limp it a few miles after that. But generally speaking if it overheats you want to have it towed to your nearest service center."

Dew says you'll want to check your coolants and oil levels every 6 months or so or before any big road trip.

Another overheating nuisance - your phone! It happens; you're at the beach, you're in the car and then you get an alert saying your phone is too hot.

What you should do is get it out of the heat, not by putting it in a fridge like some on the Internet say, but out of the sun or out of your car.
To prevent overheating, make sure you don't leave apps running and if you are in a hot spot you might want to consider putting it on airplane mode.
Also keep it in a ventilated area. Pockets, cars, and bags can all be prone to overheating.

And lastly, we want to make sure you're safe in the heat! If you're heavily sweating, feel nauseous, fatigued or are experiencing dizziness, you could have heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The best thing to do is get into water to cool off. Pay extra attention to kids too because they might not be able to tell you what's wrong.

"You want to get their body temperature down," says Christie Leath with Instacare, part of Cone Health. "Cooling packs ice. Those things are going to be most important."

The best ways to prevent overheating is to stay hydrated and to limit your time in the heat.