FAYETTEVILLE, NC – Pictures don’t do it justice. That’s the reason many people drove up and walked to Bingham Drive in Fayetteville to see, for themselves, the massive sinkhole in the roadway.

Hurricane Matthew unleashed a fury of wind and water; opening at least, a quarter of a mile hole across the road.

“It looks like something out of a movie,” said Fayetteville resident, Laura Dillenger.

Her neighbor, Petra Turner, drove down with her to capture the moment of their cell phones.

“Whoa, whoa. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Turner exclaimed.

TV crews, dads with their kids, cousins daring each other to get as close to the edge as possible; all in awe of the destruction Matthew left behind.

“I walk this road every day. Tomorrow, my walk will be short,” laughed Lawrence Surles, a 33-year resident of Fayetteville.

Many of those standing and gazing down into the pit of mud, water and pipes said they lost power and water – but after witnessing the gigantic portion of missing road, they considered themselves lucky.

Surles said, “It lets you know how awesome God is, in relation to us. It’s okay. I like this stuff. It’s terrible. It gives you time to reflect on life as it really is.”

“The pictures, you can see it all day long, but then you see it in person and it puts it all into perspective,” said Dillenger.

Although homes surrounded the sinkhole, alternate routes were made available, so fortunately, no one was stranded off of Bingham Drive.