ASHEBORO, N.C. -- What started with one bow on one door...

"We have been busy, busy, busy making pink bows," explains Jane Staley at Sunset Flowers & Gifts.

Has blossomed into a big gesture, for someone with an even bigger heart.

"The whole town seems to be doing it," explains Bill Ivy.

22 year old Laura Lisk, of Asheboro, died in a car crash on her way back to Charlotte after spending time with family Thanksgiving weekend.

"It just hit me very hard," says Tammy Lamason. "Having a daughter that was friends with her, went to school with her."

Lamason was first to put a bow up - bright pink, Laura's favorite color.

Within days, hundreds of bows paint Asheboro pink; a tribute to Laura, but also a sign for her family.

"when something like this happens it's just so good to know that you're not alone," says Marlo Francis, a Lisk family friend. "Hopefully the message is that your community is here because they are a family that they don't just talk about community, they really live it"

If you ask anyone...

"She was such a beautiful girl inside and out," Lamason shares.

And everywhere you see a bow is a place that's been touched by Laura Lisk.

From the frozen yogurt shop to Asheboro High School, her alma mater.

"The impact I think is going to be forever, people will always remember and she's made a legacy."

A legacy that continues to grow - bow by bow.