GREENSBORO, NC -- Greensboro police are taking steps to reach you before you need to call them.

Police know summer is an active time for burglars so they’re using social media to send out reminders on how to stay safe.

On Friday, GPD tweeted a graphic showing the three things everyone should know to protect their homes from burglars.

It breaks down when thieves are most likely to attack, where they can gain entry to your house, and how you can stop them.

Police say most burglaries happen in broad daylight – between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Police say burglars search for homes that look empty.

Officer Larry Roberts with the Greensboro Police Department says the key is to make it look like someone is home.

“We would like for you to consider putting a timer for your lights, motion detectors, for your TV, anything that will give that feeling that the house is being occupied,” said Roberts.

In one out of every three home break-ins, police say the thief will walk right through the front door!

One out of four times, they’ll use the windows.

Police say you should make it harder for thieves to get in by using deadbolt locks on the doors and bars on the windows.

Roberts says you should also check the outside of your property before leaving for vacation.

He says sometimes thieves will use tools in your yard to break-in!

“Just be mindful of what you have laying around,” said Roberts. “You don't want to make yourself an easy target and provide the tools to accomplish the burglary to the suspect.

Homes with security systems are three times less like to be broken into than homes without them, according to police.

Roberts says the best security system of all is your own community.

Rely on your neighbors watch your home while you’re gone.

“Just assume anything can happen,” said Roberts. “One day you could be in a peaceful neighborhood and the next day, somebody who's not from your neighborhood comes moseying around. It only takes that one day when if you've been living there 20 years for someone to come ransack your home.”

On average, Greensboro police say they've responded to 520 home-break ins over the past 5 summers.

This year, they're averaging 30 per week!