Normally, when you think of eating out, you think of having a meal with someone. Did you know that the first week of February is Solo Diners Eat Out Week? So, while couples will be making reservations for “dinner for two”, you might be saying “dinner for one”.

Not only does it take confidence to dine alone, it also takes being comfortable with yourself.

Challenge yourself to enjoy your own company. Bring a book or read your kindle. Sit outside and enjoy the scenery. Sit at the bar where your back is to the room. This way it isn’t as obvious that you’re by yourself. Even call a friend while you’re dining out if you absolutely have to. People aren't pay as much attention to you than you might think.

If you want to chat with someone while you’re dining by yourself. Use open body language.

Position yourself where you’re facing the room. Look around the room instead of looking down. Smile as it signals friendliness. And say hello. The simplest gestures make the biggest impact.

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