REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- It's a new lease on life for Herb Moniz.

"I was another homeless veteran living in parks," he explains.  That was before he moved to Reidsville in 2007.  He started the Carolina Veterinary Assistance Program & Adoption Group, an organization that rescues animals from kill shelters, a year later.  He says they've saved more than 4,000 animals - but the rescue does more than that.

"Everybody that works here and everything that's been built has been built by the hands of people that needed a second chance just like these animals."

Herb has been sober for more than 20 years and his staff is made up of people on the road to recovery, just like he is.

Sabrina Page says she met Herb at AA and NA meetings.  Working with animals helps her stay on the right track.

"They never ask you questions so you can just talk to them and tell them any problem that you have and they'll listen. They don't judge you either way."

But now, it's the rescue that needs rescuing.

The state says the facility needs to improve the conditions of its doghouses and dog enclosures, along with other improvements to the buildings where the animals are being kept.

Moniz says he wants to make the changes, but doesn't have the money to do it.  The rescue runs on donations.

"I've had to cut back everybody's hours and I honestly don't know how we're going to make the bills for the next couple of months,"  he says.

But like addiction, this struggle is one Moniz wants to push through.  He says he hopes to raise $15,000-$20,000 to make sure his staff gets paid and can continue taking care of all the animals until they are adopted.

Because to him the rescue is saving more than just animals.

"This isn't a recovery place but this is a place that will help people find a path once they start getting sober like I have."

If you want to donate or want to volunteer at the rescue, click here for more information.