GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. - The brunch bill fizzled away during the Guilford County Commissioner's meeting.

Commissioners needed a unanimous vote to pass the brunch bill on Thursday. They voted 8-to-1.

The bill would allow restaurants and retailers to sell alcohol starting at 10 a.m on Sundays, instead of noon.

Commissioner Carolyn Coleman was the only one who voted against the ordinance.

"The hours between 10 and 12 are perhaps the most sacred hours of the day on Sunday," said Commissioner Coleman. "They are times that we set aside for church services and worshiping God."

Commissioner Alan Branson is in favor of the brunch bill. He says he's a churchgoer, but he's also a businessman.

"I think it is good from a business stand point," said Commissioner Branson. "I voted in favor of the brunch bill for the restaurants and the business owners to capitalize on making a little bit more revenue and being able to give the customer what they want."

The brunch bill battle isn't over yet.

Commissioners will vote on the bill again on August 3rd. A majority vote is needed to pass this time.

Commissioner Coleman says even though the vote would be based on majority ruling, she does not plan on changing her mind anytime soon.

"I understand that everybody doesn't believe in God and doesn't worship God, even if they do believe in Him," said Commissioner Coleman. "I just believe that we need to respect those people that do believe in Him."