DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Boxes and Boxes of clothes for a family who lost just about everything in a house fire.

On Wednesday, Dec. 27th a family of 5 lost their house and everything in it because of a house fire.

Southmont Elementary in davidson county is rallying behind a family of five to help get them back on their feet.

All it took was a facebook post from Southmont Elementary -- and a whole community mobilized.

Today, Southmont Elementary staff collected clothes and other supplies for the family.

On Wednesday morning, a family of five had their lives changed forever, when their house and everything in it went up in flames.

Two of the three kids go to Southmont -- they're in the fifth and second grades.

The other child is four years old.

Once the principal got the news, she put out a Facebook post that they would be collecting donations Friday from 11- 2-30.

Within thirty minutes there were piles of clothes, shoes, jackets, and many other items being sorted for the family.

The principal says when she notified the community, she knew they would rally around their own.

"It's just an overwhelming, amazing feeling just to know that with one facebook post and less than five phone calls, that it is just absolutely just bursting. We could not ask for more support," said Tammy Bush, the Principal at Southmont Elementary.

We spoke with one of the family's best friends, and in fact -- their oldest son is staying with her. She says the family is doing as well as you could expect, but this hasn't been an easy experience.

"They're just totally broken, and lost, and overwhelmed by the feeling of losing everything. But, their faith is strong that everybody is going to come together and provide them with everything that they need. So they're confident that is all going to work out, it is just hard to see that right now," said Cari Young, who is good friends with the family.

The school will continue to collect donations once school starts back up.

They are looking for any and all supplies.

Clothes, money, home supplies, because since they are starting over -- they can use anything the can get.

Attached is a picture the school posted with the different sizes each family member wears. Image may contain: text