FORT MILL, S.C. -- Snakes are popping up in the most unlikely of places. Most recently, a local woman was in for a big surprise when she saw a snake in the dashboard of her truck.

"I saw something moving on my dash," said Lisa Sheppard, a Fort Mill resident. "I just stood there and couldn't breathe for a while. It petrified me that there was a snake."

For about 10 minutes, Lisa says the snake played peek-a-boo, popping its head in and out of her dashboard.

"I was shaking like a leaf and a wind storm," said Sheppard. "I was praying. I was like, 'Lord please don't let him come over here to me.'"

Her prayers weren't answered.

"He had come back through the dash and when he came down he was bumping on my leg," said Sheppard. "Down my left leg."

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A similar snake snafu happened in Florida on Monday. A snake nearly six-foot-long slithered down Tim Mokwa's windshield in the middle of rush hour traffic. He caught it all on camera.

"He popped his little head up right here," said Mokwa. "My windows were down and he did almost get inside the window. I rolled it up like just in time."

Unfortunately, Lisa didn't have the same luck. The snake not only found its way inside her truck but onto her legs as well. That's when she flipped out.

"I stopped then slammed on brakes, put it in park, then reached in and started grabbing him until I got his tail and started slinging him in the road," said Sheppard.

Lisa made it, but the snake didn't. She couldn't figure out how the snake got into her truck in the first place. She came up with a solution to her problem.

"I went home that night cleaned it out and sold the truck," said Sheppard.

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