It’s here OMG. #SocialMediaDay

Just think where we would be without scrolling through Facebook 15 times a day or looking at Twitter and we think we would just be lost without Snapchat filters. Plus, Instagram for that insta-perfect moment.

Social media is a very real part of our lives now with sharing, selfies, and trending topics. It’s a key way we connect with family, and friends while getting viral videos.

The day was launched in 2010 by popular website Mashable. The day is all about starting a hashtag, uploading photos, updating your status, and of course liking WFMY News 2 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after all it's #FollowFriday on Twitter!

The WFMY News 2 crew will be having fun with #SocialMediaDay all day long and every day after that!

We wanted to share some of our very first tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook.

Thanks for being social with us!

Tracey McCain's first tweet!
Julie Luck's first tweet 
Eric Chilton's First Tweet
Tim Buckley's first tweet 
Ben Powell's first tweet 
Michael Radostits first tweet 
Alma McCarty's first tweet 
WFMY News 2's first tweet 
Carrie Hodgin's first tweet