LUMBERTON, N.C. – Turning 13, it’s one of those very special birthdays that ushers in the teenage years.

However, that special birthday was overshadowed by Hurricane Matthew for a girl in Lumberton.

That's until a group of caring soldiers helping with flood relief efforts stepped in to help make it a memorable one for the teen.

Staff Sergeant Francisco Hernandez and his team were patrolling the Scott's neighborhood when they met Madison.

"The little girl happened to say you know, the worst thing about today is that it's my 13th birthday. Instantly, all 4 of us said there's no way, that a girl entering her teens should have to spend her birthday," said Staff Sergeant Francisco Hernandez, North Carolina National Guard.

NC National Guard soldiers surprise girl for 13th birthday in Lumberton. Pic. NC National Guard 

"We lit the candles and all four of us stood out in the street and sang happy birthday."

Madison says she was surprised to see the guardsmen again and to see they cared so much.

"[It made me] happy and made me feel special too," said Madison.

Madison's mom told her they would celebrate her birthday when things got back to normal but thanks to the guardsmen's generosity, her little girl didn't have to wait.

"It's definitely something I wouldn't have expected," said Irene Scott. "I mean you can't, you can't actually put into words, you know what I'm saying, how it makes you feel. I'm kind of at a loss of words."

Despite Hurricane Matthew the teen now has a very special birthday, she’ll remember for a lifetime.