(ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C.) -- A damaged roof and puddles inside the classroom is not what students expected to see at Southern Alamance High School today.

The problem is in the band room after a snowy weekend.

The rooftop snow melted, came through the roof, and down into the school.

At least 4 people sent us pictures of damage inside the band room to find out what exactly happened.

While we searched on Facebook, we came across one post that said several instruments had water on them.

Another post describing the damage had nearly 200 shares.

Some ceiling tiles were taken out as the water leaked inside, students were also moved to another classroom while the maintenance crew worked to fix the problem.

The Alamance-Burlington School System released a statement about the issue, saying "Snow caused the roof portion over the band room at Southern Alamance High to experience a leak over the weekend... they will make temporary arrangements for the classes until the roof can be temporarily repaired... a portion of the roof had been patched just recently, but heavy snow created a new leak over the weekend.

The district also said the reason it's doing a temporary fix, is because they are already scheduled to have "major renovations" this upcoming summer.