GREENSBORO, N.C. - The first day of school is Monday, so those school zone signs will begin to flash then – alerting drivers to slow down. Even if you're driving one mile over, officers can ticket you and slap you with a pretty hefty fine.

“Speeding in a school zone carries three points on your driver’s license,” said Officer Jim Barber with GPD’s Traffic Safety Division, “It's a $438 fine for a school zone which is a lot of money.”

That amount is double what a speeding ticket usually is in Greensboro, he says. While there are only four big signs telling drivers that now, every school zone is subject to the more than $400 ticket. Officer Barber with the traffic division says come Monday, they are going to be out in full force.

“There are 17 different school zones that we will be patrolling,” he said, “We’ll be working Monday morning and Monday afternoon, so we will have marked and unmarked vehicles out patrolling these areas and we will also have motorcycles.”

Besides speeding, these officers will be looking for people not wearing seatbelts and people texting and driving, and people passing school bus stop arms. They’ll be out all week long.