GREENSBORO, NC – We’re moving into the Spring months and that means the chance for severe weather is higher than other times during the year.

Thunderstorms and high winds manifested during the last few days, bringing cold temperatures, downed trees, possible frost and power outages.

In Winston-Salem, at least two trees fell Thursday afternoon leaving hundreds of people without power for hours. A large tree uprooted on S. Main Street, landing in someone’s yard. Duke Energy reported 1,200 power outages at one point. A spokesperson with Duke Energy said two poles needed to be replaced. Several red lights were out across the city, during 5 o’clock traffic, creating a small nightmare for folks leaving work.

High winds in Mcleansville knocked a tree over, smashing on top of a landscaping truck, shattering the windshield.

WFMY News 2’s Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley explained in some of these situation, it wasn’t the wind acting alone.

“In most cases, if you have downed trees on a day like today, they need a little help. Wet soil, like we’ve had the past few days, can make it easier for trees to uproot, especially if they’re a little unhealthy to begin with or if they have a poor root system.”

On Friday, the Triad can expect 30mph winds.

“Here’s the perspective on that,” Buckley began.  “A tropical storm has sustained winds of 39 mph or more. A severe thunderstorm has wind gusts of over 60 mph. A hurricane has sustained winds of 74 mph.”

The ground will be drier on Friday. Buckley explained. “I would be surprised if any trees fall down again tomorrow. Weaker wind speeds, and that drier ground should help out a little bit.”

Storms and high winds are a normal pattern during April, said Buckley.

“April can be a crazy month, and spring is a bit of a crazy season. You’re going from winter to summer, and spring is that transition. It’s typically bumpy with warm to cold weather, back and forth, with lots of wind and storms in between. It’s normal.”

Even as temperatures stabilize in the middle of April, reaching into the 70s by the 9th and 10th, Buckley said you can still expect bumpy weather before we settle down for the summer months.