Columbia, SC (WLTX) - As torrential rains pounded the Midlands and flooded streets on Wednesday, a passer-by caught an extraordinary act of customer service on video at a local coffee shop. 

John Owens works upstairs from the Vista Starbucks at the corner of Gervais and Lincoln Streets. As he went to exit the building Wednesday afternoon, he caught a Starbucks barista on video for the best possible reason. Here's the story behind the video.

While many workplaces, including local and state government offices, had dismissed employees early due the threat of severe weather, the state legislature remained in session for the day. They must have needed an afternoon pick-me-up as the customer in the video was a senate page loaded down with frothy beverages, eager to make his way back to the State House.

As the young man started to make his way out of the Starbucks and to his car, he and the barista helping him carry the order to his car were met with swift-moving flood waters instead of a sidewalk. But that didn't deter the page or the barista, who was more than happy to wade through the waters to help the page complete his appointed mission. You can hear the barista say, "I'm here to serve, just like a civil service servant."  He even offered to roll up the pages pants.

In the end, a woman sheltering in the doorway convinced both young men that venturing into the moving waters was not safe, both because of the swift moving water and debris in the water.

The barista's extraordinary customer service made an impression on John Owens, who captured the video. "It's really brave of him to be so willing to venture out into the water just to help a customer. It was really cool to see someone go above and beyond to help someone like that, even if it is just for coffee," Owens told us.