GREENSBORO, NC – In the last few weeks Americans have heard sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump, as well as his own comments on some women in a leaked video. However, people attending the Mike Pence rally in Greensboro on Monday didn’t mention the two topics.

Several different people of different ages and backgrounds, men and women used different words to describe Trump and Pence. None of which involved any scandal surrounding their campaign.

Jackie Kane, a steadfast Republican said she couldn’t wait to finally see Pence in person at the rally.

“I admire him. I think he will do an excellent job as Vice President. He espouses my values as a conservative.”

WFMY asked people standing in line to describe Trump in two words.

Kane said,” I think he’s a true patriot.”

“A businessman and leader,” said Larry Brown, wearing an American flag bandana around his head.

Sarah Moss, a student at High Point University, saw Trump when he rallied at the school in September. She described him as “unique and brave.”

People didn't describe Trump's running mate with such passion, but did believe him to be the perfect balance for Trump.

“Honest and a good Christian,” said Brenda Moss.

Glenn Boone, dressed in a bright red shirt bearing the words 'Trump/Pence' in bold white lettering said, “I think he's very solid.”

A young undecided voter said, “I really haven’t heard much about him, so I can’t really talk about him.”

But, when it came to Trump’s opponents, his supporters didn’t mince words about the Democratic candidates. In fact, they said exactly what most might expect Trump supporters to say about Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

“Criminal,” said Sarah.

Boone agreed, ”Clinton is a criminal and Kaine is just ineffective and stupid.”

Brenda Moss couldn’t help herself when she called Clinton, “a deplorable because they like that word.”

For most people standing in line to hear Pence speak, they’re minds have been made up since the beginning; and it doesn’t matter what Trump has said or what was said about him.

On Twitter, user @donnamunday wrote “not corrupt” to describe Pence. @patsfan49 said Pence is a "class act." But, not everyone in on the Trump/Pence train. User @davelavack wrote Pence and Trump were “a bad joke.”

In North Carolina, as of Monday, Clinton has a 1-point advantage over Trump, well within the poll’s 4.9-point margin of error. The Democratic hopeful campaigns in Winston-Salem on Thursday with First Lady Michelle Obama by her side.