CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Fans flooded the Dean Dome on Tuesday evening to welcome home the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions - the Tar Heels! 

UNC beat Gonzaga 71-65 to win the title game on Monday night. 

The team held up the trophy to a roaring crowd. 

Senior Nate Britt spoke to fans. 

"The year we brought it home for y'all," said Britt. 

Justin Jackson was recognized for his performance during the tournament. Chants of "One More Year!" could be heard from the crowd - referring to the possibility of Jackson going pro instead of continuing his basketball career at UNC. 

Coach Williams got on the mic. 

"One year ago today was a very difficult time for us," said Williams, referring to last year's loss to Villanova in the National Championship game. "Last night was truly, truly a joy for me." 

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