RANDOLPH COUNTY -- A student at Southeastern Randolph Middle School is charged with assaulting a Randolph County Sheriff's Deputy at school on Tuesday.

However, the student's mother claims the deputy used excessive force with her daughter.

The issues started Monday, when the 13-year-old girl is accused of assaulting another student.

On Tuesday morning, four deputies showed up at the school to take her in. The student's mom and the Randolph County Sheriff's Office said the student was already on probation and has a history of school fights.

The girl's mother said her daughter was confused and didn't know what was happening when officers came to the school to take her into custody, so she resisted.

The sheriff's office claims the girl resisted arrest and assaulted an officer.

"I understand that she may or may not have spit on him and that's not right. You don't spit at anyone," the student's mother told WFMY News 2. "But he should have never open-handedly smacked my daughter and then dragged her and slammed her to the ground and put his knees in her back."

The girl's mother sent WFMY News 2 pictures showing scrapes and bruises on her daughter's face. She said the injuries happened when deputies took her daughter into custody.

The sheriff's office could not confirm or deny whether the injuries happened when they took her into custody. The office also couldn't release any details regarding the altercation because the girl is underaged and the incident is still under investigation.

One deputy involved in the arrest has been placed on administrative duty while the sheriff's office investigates his actions during the incident and whether he followed protocol.

The girl is facing several charges including assaulting a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Her case will be heard in juvenile court.