GREENSBORO -- Sometimes the worst weather brings out the very best in people.

After several inches of snow blanketed the area, friends are helping friends, families are helping families, and road crews are helping everyone to get around safely.

Many roads are still covered in a solid layer of snow and ice, especially the neighborhood streets.

Crews have been able to plow most of the major thoroughfares and highways and the sunshine on Thursday helped to melt the snow but still many roads remain treacherous.

Snow plows won't get to the secondary roads until at Friday at the earliest so neighbors have to rely on each other to get out.

Tyler Watlington woke up early Thursday morning to shovel snow outside his mom's house on Nealtown Way in Greensboro.

“Somebody's got to lookout for mama now. If you ain't looking out for mama, you ain't doing nothing,” said Watlington. “Pretty sure I got me a big cup of soup waiting on me!”

His whole street is still covered in snow so he decided to help his neighbors as well.

“I'm the snowman for the day,” Watlington laughed.

But being the ‘snowman’ doesn't come easy.

“It's good exercise,” he said. “I hurt my back a little bit but it's not too bad.”

But Watlington says the sore back is well worth the reward of helping others.

“A lot of older folks who live around here have to get to work or go to the store or see relatives,” said Watlington. “The snow doesn't stop us too much but we got to roll on. Somebody's got to move it.”

He says he’ll keep his shovel handy for the next round of snow.

“We got that snow load baby. It's snow season,” laughed Watlington. “You heard that from Tony Snow, the snowman.”

Snow plow crews are the other heroes of the storm.

They work around the clock to clear the roads as fast as possible.

It wouldn't be possible for drivers to go out and about in snowy conditions if it weren't for them.

Jordan Lambeth with the City of Greensboro Streets Division says crews have been making solid progress on bigger streets and highways but the side streets in the neighborhoods is where they still have a lot of work remaining.

Even before the snow started, road crews in Greensboro were out pre-treating the roads with salt and brine and they've remained on the roads throughout the storm.

Crews have been rotating on 12-hour shifts to clear as much snow as they can, starting with the major roads and highways.

Lambeth says it's a tough job both physically and mentally.

"It's not easy coming in and paying attention to driving these large trucks on snow when ice and being careful. There's a whole lot to think about,” said Lambeth. “There's a lot to keep your mind busy during the night and it makes you more exhausted."

Crews say they hope to have 80 percent of the main roads in Greensboro clear by the end of the night on Thursday.

As for the secondary roads and neighborhood streets, Lambeth says the earliest they'll be able to get to those is by Friday or this weekend.