GREENSBORO, N.C. - Trainers and coaches are sharing tips on the right way to stretch.

This comes after a video went viral showing a Denver high school cheer coach pushing a cheerleader into the splits position.

In the video, the cheerleader asked her coach to "please stop" 9 times in less than 24 seconds.

Sarah Macrow is the head coach at Cheer Extreme All-Stars in Kernersville.

She's been training cheerleaders for 17 years now and says "stop means stop."

"When she says stop, she means it," said Macrow. "Some people say 'ouch.' Some people say 'too much.' Some people say 'that's perfect.' Some people say 'when.' But, we all just kind of have our code words."

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Rodney Beasley is a trainer at Proehlific Park in Greensboro.

He says stretching is all about trust between the coach and athlete.

"We let the athletes stretch to their limits and how far they think they can go," said Beasley. "We would add a little bit of applied pressure to it. That's us pushing the athlete a little bit closer to their limit with a strong understanding of when they say 'stop' or 'right there.'

Experts say flexibility comes over time and you can't rush the process.

If you do, you will get hurt.

Here are some tips to stretching the right way to avoid injuries:

Know your body's capability.

Always stretch before and after a workout.

Stretch consistently for flexibility.

Do not hold an intense stretch for longer than 30 seconds.

Set long and short term goals.

Do not aim for pain.

Avoid bouncing.

Approach stretching with caution.