RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A toddler was injured at the North Carolina State Fair Friday night after falling out of a kiddie ride.

Two-year-old Andrew Feraco suffered some bruises and scrapes after the incident.

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“It’s kind of concerning,” said Sarah Reavis, a mom who was at the fair on Saturday with her two young children. “You would think there would be a little more supervision just to make sure the kid’s safety is ensured.”

According to fair officials, the toddler was on a car ride in the Kiddieland section of the fair. He had been strapped in by his dad, but before the ride started he stood up.

The child sat back down, but then stood up again when the ride started and fell out.

“His foot caught on the seatbelt and he was dragged for a bit until the attendant stopped the ride,” said Brian Long, spokesman for the North Carolina State Fair.

Paramedics at the fair checked the boy out and the toddler’s mother, Bobbie Feraco filed a police report.

Feraco says the attendant did not check to see if her son’s seat belt was fastened correctly before the ride started.

The ride does have a minimum and maximum height requirement, which Feraco says her son met, but she believes an age requirement should also be in place. Inspectors examined the ride and fair officials believe it was a case of “rider error.”

“One of the things that we hear from the labor department is: always respect the height requirements on rides and if you have any concerns about whether your child is old enough to understand what they need to do to ride that ride by them self, it might be best to either ride the ride with them or choose a different ride,” Long said.

Feraco directed CBS North Carolina to her lawyer for further comment. So far he has not returned our phone calls.