BURLINGTON, N.C. -- The term “Boys in Blue” rarely refer to “Brothers in Blue,” but that's the case for Aaron and Carley Swiggett. The brothers are officers at the Burlington Police Department.

"I enjoy working in the same department as him,” said Carley. “Everybody else we work with always talks about it, about who's better at what."

It's a theme that stems from growing up together. "That comes back to the competitiveness between us,” said Carley. “We try to beat each other."

Also in their blood, law enforcement. They're part of a family tree that's similar to the show Blue Bloods. Their father is a retired police officer, their mother, a paramedic.

"I think he's proud of the fact that we went that route,” said Carley. “I think they're happy that we decided that we wanted to help people. When we got sworn in, they both held the Bible and pinned the badge on us. I think that was a proud moment for both of them."

But the seriousness of the job isn't lost on their parents. "I'm sure they worry all the time whenever we got to work at night but I think in the long run they're happy about it," said Carley.

The brothers work opposite shifts so they don't spend too much time together at work. They catch up in their off time and work talk is inevitable.

"It's a big part of what we do, we put a lot of time in here so we always end up talking about it," said Aaron.

Sharing a profession that makes this brotherhood much more than the badge.