BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Triad churches are taking a closer look at security measures after more than two dozen people were killed in a mass shooting at a Texas church.

"It certainly breaks our heart. Those are our brothers and sisters in Texas," said Associate Pastor Phil Seay, with the Lamb's Chapel in Burlington. "It's certainly made me react with, are we doing everything that we need to do? What if that were to happen here? Would we be ready?"

Seay said his church already has strong security measures in place to protect the congregation.

The Lamb's Chapel has a designated safety team of unarmed volunteers who are stationed around the church during every Sunday service.

The volunteers monitor 84 security cameras stationed around the building, and communicate anything suspicious through walkie talkies.

There are also four off-duty sworn officers who come to every service for extra protection, like Sergeant Doug Falls with the Haw River Police Department.

"We try to cover as much of the campus as humanly possible," Sergeant Falls explained.

Sergeant Falls understands that smaller churches might not have the resources for safety procedures like the ones at the Lamb's Chapel. However, he says there are still ways small churches can work to protect themselves.

"Guys can rotate every couple of weeks," Sergeant Falls said. "Say, 'hey you guys are going to be in the lobby making sure everything is okay,' and then the next week some other guys can do it."

In the past, the Lamb's Chapel has hosted classes to teach other churches how to make safety plans of their own.

The church is planning another safety event in March. WFMY News 2 will keep you updated when specific dates are released.