ST. MAARTEN -- A Triad couple is heading home after being trapped on St. Maarten, a Caribbean Island devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Alex and Phyllis Dandison were evacuated Saturday by U.S. Military planes. They have been taken to San Juan, Puerto Rico where they will book flights back to North Carolina.

The couple, from Greensboro, had been vacationing on the Island with friends when the hurricane hit.

"We had tried to get home before the storm but there were no flights," Phyllis explained.

The couple and their three friends took cover in the hotel bathroom for more than 5 hours as the Hurricane tore through the Island Wednesday.

"The whole complex was destroyed. The roof blew off. The only thing standing in our room was the bathroom. We just feel very fortunate to be alive," Alex said.

The Dandison family lived in the small hotel bathroom for several days while awaiting rescue. There was no electricity or cell phone service. They had a few bottles of water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to live off of.

"We appreciate everybody's prayers. We are very lucky," Alex said.