NORTH CAROLINA -- Todd Councilman is celebrating Independence Day at his favorite place, the beach.

But the holiday doesn't quite feel complete, without his son.

"John was deployed in February 2017. He is on the USS Bataan and they sailed over to the middle east," Councilman explained.

John Councilman enlisted as a marine after graduating High school, where he was an active member of the ROTC.

"He is just 20 years old. We worry all the time, constantly. But we pray and we know that God has him in his hands," Councilman said.

This Fourth of July holiday, the family isn't looking forward to their barbecue or fireworks. They are just hoping for a simple phone call from their boy.

"We just want to hear his voice. Just to know that he's okay," Councilman said. "We have it so good here in this country. And I don't take it for granted for one second. And no one living in America should.