BURLINGTON, NC- About a dozen high school varsity football games across the Triad have been moved to Thursday due to Hurricane Matthew concerns.

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All six Alamance-Burlington School System games have been moved.

County Athletic Director George Robinson said individual schools were in charge of making the decision. He said it's usually the home team's call.

Robinson said schools have been monitoring storm trends from the National Weather Service.
While it's still uncertain if the Triad will feel major effects of Hurricane Matthew, Robinson said it's best to be proactive so students' safety won't be compromised.

“When you're on a wet surface, footing is a little unpredictable,” Robinson said. “There's greater opportunity for people to slip and not have proper footing, and the next thing you know somebody's twisted an ankle or blown out a knee, and we certainly don't want that. We want conditions as perfect as possible.”

Robinson said schools could have played Monday, but that would mean teams play twice in one week. He said that could be dangerous to the players' health.

He also admitted bad weather is bad for ticket sales.

“You want a beautiful day because the more money you have to pay the bills, the more left over you have to do nice things for the kids,” he said.

Several counties, including Randolph and Guilford have moved some-- not all-- of their games to Thursday night. Those school districts said the decision is up to individual schools.

If the forecast turns severe, Robinson said the school superintendent can step in and postpone games.

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