WENTWORTH, N.C. -- A mother begged for her children's forgiveness in a Rockingham County court Tuesday morning.

The Eden woman pleaded guilty to 24 counts Felony Child Abuse and 24 counts Promoting Prostitution with a Minor with Disabilities. The victims--her two daughters.

WFMY News 2 is not naming the woman convicted in an effort to protect the identity of her girls.

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After the mother pleaded guilty, the judge said this was the most disturbing case he's heard in all of his years on the bench. The judge sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

As District Attorney Craig Blitzer read her confession in the courtroom, detailing what she made her daughters do, people were visibly disturbed, covering their ears, gasping and shaking their heads.

Both girls were minors when this happened and both have the reading level of a first grader.

"The judge told us he's been doing this for 10 years and never seen this. I'm doing this 21 years and I've never seen it, and if you take my 5 detectives against the wall, between them, the judges and myself, we're probably close to 150 years of our respected experience combined. no one has ever seen this," said District Attorney Craig Blitzer, Rockingham County.

Eden Police started investigating this case in September 2015 when one of the daughters went to police and told them their mother was making them have sex with old men.

The mom told her girls they needed to help get money for their sick father's medical bills.

In the woman's confession to police, she admitted she was addicted to crack cocaine and used some of the money her daughters earned to buy the drug.

"I know what I did to my kids was wrong."

The girls' mother pleaded guilty to 48 felony charges and could have faced 40 years in prison but she told police about the men involved and will testify against one of the defendants in an upcoming trial.

"She is testifying on her own without any agreement from the state, she's getting no benefit from it except she wants to bring some closure for her children and she thinks that will help them," said Jason Ross, defense attorney.

Ross read a letter the woman wrote to her children in court. It read in part, "I am writing this to attempt to express my love for all my children. I have made some terrible decisions I am not proud of and if I could, I would do anything to change things so none of you would be going through this but I can't. So now I have to accept my punishment. And it has affected and changed all out lives and for that, I am truly, truly sorry."

Two others pleaded guilty in connection this with case, Tuesday. Everitt Ferris, Jr. will spend 6 and a half years in prison for Patronizing a Prostitute with a Severe or Profound Disability.

Donnie Carter pleaded guilty to Second Degree Forcible Sex Offense and will spend 5 years in prison.

Tommy Woodall pleaded guilty in March and will spend 16 years in prison.

Mickey Snow is expected in court Wednesday morning. DA Blitzer expects a trial date will be set then. He is charged with six counts of Statutory Rape and six counts Patronizing a Prostitute.

As for the victims in this case, they are in protective custody along with their young brother.

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