TRIAD, NC -- Forecasters say light snowfall totals are possible for some parts of the Triad on Sunday morning, which means a lot of preparations are in place.

On Friday night, road crews in Kernersville and High Point were out brining the roads.

In Winston-Salem and Greensboro, crews will report to work late on Saturday night and get ready to respond to whatever comes our way.

Many people spent their Saturday stocking up on bread and milk at the grocery stores.

Al Smith stocked up on the essentials at the Renaissance Community Co-Op Store in Greensboro.

"I like to get water,” said Smith. “We keep plenty of water in the house."

He also purchased some of the non-essentials.

"Well, of course I got to have some donuts,” said Smith. “I got to have them! Something to keep that sweet tooth going on."

Joyce Neal's shopping list looks a little different.

“I have vegetables, I have fruit,” said Neal pointing to her cart. “I have something to drink and I have coffee.”

But they're both thinking the same thing.

“It's best to always be prepared regardless,” said Neal.

“Make sure we get everything we need so that we don't have to come back out in case the roads are bad,” said Smith.

They weren't the only ones thinking like that on Saturday.

Grocery store parking lots in Greensboro were jam packed with people shopping ahead of the storm.

“I'm ready for the snow,” said Neal. “I hope it snows big because I have everything I think I need.”

City road crews will be on standby to spread salt and use snow plows as needed across the Triad on Sunday morning.