HIGH POINT, NC – There is nothing simple about the crisis in Syria.

A month ago, President Donald Trump ordered a travel ban on Syria and 6 other middle eastern countries -- blocking refugees from fleeing to the U.S.

Now, the President says with the recent air strikes in Syria, we're protecting those families from genocide.

However, one Triad refugee group says they’re still confused by it all.

“It's terrifying. There's a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety. We see a lot of depression,” said Jennifer Foy with World Relief High Point.

World Relief High Point is an organization that helps refugees re-settle in the Triad.

Foy says there are over 200 Syrian refugees living in Winston-Salem and High Point alone and hundreds more across the Triad.

Right now, Foy says those refugees don't know what to make of the air strikes on Syria because they don't know where they stand in the United States.

Foy says it’s a good to see the U.S. launch airstrikes at a government attacking its own people.

But they're also afraid of what's going to happen next.

She says they're concerned that Trump's travel ban could come back any moment.

"[Friday] night, the President talked about standing up for God's children and being there for these people and that shouldn't happen to anyone,” said Foy. “Yet, those people who have suffered that way are here at our doorstep and we want to be able to serve them here also."

Trump's revised travel ban on six middle eastern countries is still hung up in the courts.

Last month, a federal judge ruled it discriminated against Muslims and blocked the ban from going in effect.

Trump says he wants to take the case to the Supreme Court.