GREENSBORO, N.C.-- School leaders across the Triad are catching heat for their decision to dismiss early or not at all after school buses in several counties were involved in crashes. It started snowing is some areas Friday morning and steadily increased; by 1:30 most schools had dismissed early.

Guilford County Schools did not do an early dismissal.

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Guilford County Schools sent this statement about their decision to NOT dismiss school early:

We decided not to close schools early based on information we had at the time of our decision. We anticipated having students home before any significant accumulation occurred. When the winter weather advisory changed to a warning close to dismissal time, we made the decision to cancel all afternoon and Saturday activities. Knowing what we know now, we probably would have made a different decision. We commend our school bus drivers for making sure that all of our children arrived home safely this evening. We will continue to review our inclement weather procedures and make adjustments as needed.
Scott McCully, Chief Operations Officer
Guilford County Schools

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Stokes County's Superintendent Dr. Brad Rice posted his explanation on early dismissal on Facebook. He apologized and took full responsibility.

“I was wrong. I made a mistake today that put many of your children and you at risk and for that, I'm extremely sorry. anything that I saw after this point does not change that fact, I made a mistake today, and I apologize for that.”“We parked some of the buses in parts of the rural parts of the county that had dangerous roads because safety is our primary concern. We got word to parents that we would stay with the kids as long as possible and keep them warm safe and dry until we could get them a ride. I've understood that we had a communication breakdown.”

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