PIEDMONT TRIAD, N.C. -- You can't plug 'disaster' into your GPS, but for American Red Cross volunteers it's always the destination.

"It's terrible," explains volunteer Bill Berwick. "Some people have lost everything. They need a lot of help."

He's talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He's one of several Red Cross volunteers from across the Triad heading to the Gulf Coast to help victims of the natural disaster.

"It's bad," explains Deb Childrey, another volunteer. "It's just amazing to see the floodwaters and seeing everybody evacuated."

Childrey is a volunteer veteran; this trip will be her eighth deployment. They're driving down to Baton Rouge Monday, heading toward a staging area before finding out where they might go.

"Once we get down there well just wait for our next assignment to see where our truck is going to go," Childrey says.

Their volunteer truck will be filled with water and food, plus other supplies people can't go without.

They'll likely end up in Texas to help give any kind of relief to those who now face gut-wrenching devastation.

"You usually are spending 12 hours a day working," Berwick explains. "And if you need to continue to help and do things you do it even when you're off duty. It's inspiring."

For Berwick, it's not even work. It's his responsibility to help humankind, and maybe give them the first hot meal they've had in a while.

"It makes you think a lot," he says. "It's amazing what Mother Nature can do."

If you want to volunteer with the American Red Cross or help out with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, you can get more information from their local websites, Piedmont Triad Chapter and Western North Carolina Chapter.