Stranded in St. Thomas - that's Melody Bullock's real-life nightmare.

"The aftermath of the hurricane is just phenomenal." she says. "It's devastating."

Melody lives in Guilford County, but was on vacation with a group of friends on St. John's before Hurricane Irma hit. When they tried to flee the island for safety, the only place they could go was St. Thomas.

"Seven of us were able to find a concrete apartment building and we hunkered down in the closet," Melody told WFMY News 2 over the phone.

Now it's a matter of survival. There are curfews in place and power must be rationed. She has cell service intermitently so she is able to talke with family, but she says supplies like food and water are running low.

"Right now we're hearing rumors - don't stop at stop signs because people are getting held up at stop signs for money and groceries and whatever."

What's worse is that Melody doesn't have access to her medication, Hizentra. She ran out of her supply and isn't sure when she'll be able to get more.

"My mother of course is freaking out," Melody says. "She's worried to death because I'm on a very rare drug that's hard to get. And it's life-saving for me."

Melody's mother, Pearlie Bullock, lives in Randleman. She says her daughter is a cancer survivor and needs the medication for her immune system. She's been busy all weekend trying to get her daughter help.

"I've spent the last two days calling everybody I could think of, and emailing," Pearlie explains. "I know it's the weekend but it's an emergency weekend, too. Trying to get her home or medication to her."

North Carolina's Department of Emergency Management contacted WFMY News 2 Monday evening. They say they've been able to reach out to Melody and that there are Health and Human services staff members on the island who will try to get her medical help. Director Mike Sprayberry says she should be able to get to a local hospital to get the medicine she needs.

Melody says there's talk about getting cruise ships to them to try and get them off the island this week. The airport on St. Thomas isn't operating, but ships could take them to San Juan, Puerto Rico and they could try and get on flights out of there.

"It's the waiting part that's hard," Melody tells. "We just want to get off the island and get back home and regroup."