RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- "I thought what you did was awesome buddy."

A week ago, Trinity High School 10th-grader Styles Hedgecock didn't know Mr. Shore. He also didn't know the two would help save his mother's life.

"I just remember him running over and giving her CPR," Styles explains.

It all started on the way to school last Monday morning. Styles was riding in with his sister Sidney. His mom was driving them when all of a sudden she became unresponsive. His sister couldn't find a pulse.

"When she said mom didn't have a pulse, I immediately freaked out and tried to steer the car. She had completely let go of the car."

Styles and his sister were able to maneuver the car to school, which was a few hundred yards away. They got their mom out of the car and tried to revive her. That's when Mr. Shore, out on bus duty, came running.

"My first thought running up was like, I can still see it very clearly was like 'oh no, oh no' because this was a serious situation," Rob Shore explains.

He started doing CPR.

"As a dad myself and seeing these two kids trying to revive their mom, my parental instincts kind of kicked in and it was very intense."

After about a minute and a half or CPR a pulse came back. Sidney and Styles' mom made it to the hospital and is okay now, thanks to the quick actions of her kids and the teacher.

"She's been thanking us and telling us she loves us and we've been doing the same," Styles tells.

"It's not anything or any kid should have to see or go through but those two kids were outstanding in the way they handled the whole thing" Shore shares.

Shore says he found out hours later the kids actually steered the car into the school parking lot with their mom still in the driver seat. He says that's a miracle in itself because there's a lot of traffic on the way into school and they managed to drive without hurting themselves or anyone else.