GREENSBORO, NC -- The beaches of North Carolina will have a windy and rainy start to the week, but could even see a tropical storm. That's still up for debate as a few storms spin over Florida, but our team of meteorologists is watching the Atlantic closely.

An area of low pressure will slowly move northward from Florida over the Atlantic on Sunday. As it moves over the warm waters it may strengthen a bit. If it does, it could form a tropical depression, or even a tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center puts the odds at tropical development at 50%. Whether it does or it doesn't, it will be heading toward the NC coast.

The most likely outcome is that the storm would remain relatively weak, and stay over the Gulf Stream waters, just off the Carolina coast. Still, that would mean some stormy and breezy days at the beaches for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's also possible the system could get a little stronger or a little closer.

If you're headed to the coast next week, you'll want to pay close attention to the coast and keep checking back.