EDEN, N.C. – Two weeks after a tornado tore through the center of the town, neighbors believe they’re making good progress with storm damage clean-up.

On May 5, devastation struck. Hours after the tornado touched down, neighbors saw trees bent in every direction, workers tending to downed lines, and debris lining the streets.

Friday, some devastation remains: a few bent trees, a couple homes set to be demolished. However, workers and citizens agree, Eden is coming back together piece by piece.

“Neighbors have been helping neighbors, you know,” said Karen Hopkins, who lives on Madison Street.

Those neighbors weren't always the ones next door - they were volunteers, church groups, and the city workers. For two weeks on her street alone, Hopkins has seen them in action.

“There’s been a lot of sadness, but we've been very blessed,” she said, “All of us have. Of course, the upper end of Madison St and Kennedy St they were devastated more.”

“I think some people are a little upset with how slow the insurance companies have been working with them, but it's starting to come around,” said Ricky Loye, the owner of a tree removal service.

His employees have been working around the clock recently, pulling trees off houses, and out of yards. Clean up crews and volunteers have also making progress at the YMCA. After gathering the debris in piles, it's off to the landfill.

The county announced this week, citizen will not be charged for dropping off storm and tornado debris, from now until June 5. The workers say since the announcement, there has been a big increase in the number of drop-offs, and most of it – goes right into the brush pile.

“That’s going to help them a big deal because the landfill can be very expensive” said Loye.